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Condensed Challenges information

Postby MHD on Sat Jul 08, 2006 10:48 am

Note: You must be a Member to register (read the FAQ)
****************To Register***************************
PM me Your:
email address
camera most used
prefered (displayed) name
Emails/PMs not containing the above information or not from people who have reached "Member" status (see FAQ) WILL NOT BE ANSWERED...

To Enter:
Get your photo
Go to the website for the current round/challenge
Login (upper RH corner)
Upload your photo (dropdown menu in upper RH corner)
Click on the photo
Click on properties (upper RH corner)
This will show you EXIF. Make sure it is valid!
Immedietly go to the dropdown menu below the thumbnail
and select "Hide photo" (if photo is not valid select "delete photo")
Click logout (upper RH corner)
Make sure your photo disapears
You are now entered... email me and I will check your entry for validity

How to avoid DNQs
*Step 1: read the theme Carefully and adhere to it.... Especially any thing that says Must or will have etc...

*Step 2: You can request that I present your entry to the mods for a "Spot ruling" on if the image fits into the theme. This means your image (but not your identity, it is given out to NO ONE until the close of voting) will be displayed to the mods and you will either get a rejection or an assurance. If you wish this to happen you must submit the image to the gallery and PM me NO LATER THAN 3 DAYS BEFORE THE GALLERY CLOSES

How to vote:
Note, to vote you must be registered, regos for the challenge are valid for voting.

Log in as per the submission example
You will see radio buttons under the the photos
To give a photo a vote click on the radio button of the score you want to give it
In general there will be 5 different votes you could give a photo valued from 5 to 1 points
click vote to register your vote, you can change it any time up to the close of the comp
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